Making a latex mould

After explaining how to create surfaces, I would like to show the making of your own inexpensive moulds.
This involves a so-called “latex mould”. This can be made in an ultra short time.

The basis for such a mould is a master model which is engraved with a lasercutter in an ABS plate.
The record I’ve used so far, has a stone motif in “stretcher bond”.
In British architecture also other brickwork bonds are used.
The most important are:


A. Stretcher bond
B. Flamish bond
C. English bond

Pay attention to the latter; quite a lot of colors from beige to black.

The master model is injected with a “release agent”. In this case, Aerosol from Acmos.
This is necessary to pull out easily the mould after drying in the master model .

Moedermodel Acmos

Then, with a spatula liquid latex has to be smeared on the master model.
I used Latex Wilsor resin, available from Van Beek Art supplies.
The latex needs to be applied in a thin film. The “stones” should be especially good fill up.

IMG_2161 Wilsor

It is particularly important to have a lot of patience. Five layers must be applied.
And each subsequent layer may only be applied when the previous one is completely dry.
To prevent small air bubbles, the latex with a brush or sponge in a zig-zag pattern applied.


A sponge is actually better, because the brush dries very quickly.
Cut a scourer 1/4 and use the soft side.

After five layers a piece of plastic mosquito netting is placed over the mould.
This is tightened on all sides with thumbtacks.


Over the plastic mosquito netting a further two layers of latex has to be applied.
And again, the latex layer must be dry before the next is applied.
After drying of the last layer, the mould is ready.


You can easily remove it from the master model.

The latex moulds are not only easy to make, they are also easy to use.
But … Use always the afore mentioned solvent.
Otherwise you damage both the mould and the casting.

The master model may be re-used endlessly. The latex mal many times, but he will become brittle over time.

With one bottle of liquid latex, you can make about 5 moulds in A4 size.


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