A curve through the wall

It was actually too hot on the attic this week … but yeah, so many excuses for not doing something.
Here I’ve been working on a simple curved point through the tubes cabinet.
The cover of this cabinet is removed. The train goes literally through the wall.


To the left the trains are going to the future traverse, to the right it’s going to Beltring & Branbridges Halt .
I used a Peco distance too, very pleasant to use .
My Hornby ‘Schools’ class was my test locomotive. It’s a rather narrow curve (Hornby R2 – 438mm).
To use this naroow curves in hidden sections, I spare a lot of room for long straight tracks.
I used small pieces of 2-sided mounting tape to fix the tracks.
The points at the other hand are entirely free.


Realistic tracks

When you want to build a realistic track layout, you have to deal with several issues. It’s not as easy to go to your hobbyshop and buy some RTR railway tracks in 4mm scale. Well you can buy the stuff of the well known firms as Peco, who is by far the market leader in the UK. But to do a good job, it’s more complex…

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