To build a prototypical 4mm scale layout, is a complex process. Model rail roading is to interpret the reality to a sort of 3D photo. This means a lot of research, a lot of reading and talking to specialists and a lot of making choices and compromise.

My thanks go to my friend Sierd Jan Tuinstra, who helps me a lot with this research work, and to my son Rolph, who helps me with the technical constructions.

To capture all the real things isn’t possible, so what makes a ‘realistic scenery’ of the Wateringbury Railway Station? And how to build it on a rather narrow layout, with enough possibilities to exploit a true-to-nature railway company?



Well, in my case, I create a 4mm scale layout (5,15 x 3,95m.) of the Medway Valley Line consists of the following elements:

As period I choose for 1945 – 1960 with steam locomotives of the Southern Railways.


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